Dignity, Autonomy, and Joy in Longevity

Brand Guidelines

Our brand identity system represents our strategy and works to differentiate our company from others. The consistent and coordinated employment of our brand identity will help create awareness and understanding of who we are, and create a more compelling presence for our brand at all our touchpoints.

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Our Logo

Let’s keep our brand strong.

Consistent use of our logo will build recognition of the Dr. Kerry brand. Our logo should always be visible, legible and stand apart from its background. To ensure that happens, use the appropriate two-color, reversed one color, black or vertical options. To make use our logo not covered by this guideline, please contact marketing manager, Mark Sidenfaden, [email@email.com], and include a visual mockup of intended use.


Most common use version (Click each image to download various file types)

Alternate usage (Click each image to download various file types)


Let’s give our logo space to breathe.

When using our logo with other logos and graphic elements, maintain a clear space that equals the height of the graphic element.

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The Colors

Print and digital executions will dictate how our brand colors are reproduced. CMYK breakdowns are used for four-color printing applications, while RGB and HEX values are intended for screens.

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Type Styles



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